Connected/lan video game?

like pokemon red blue or simple Mmorpg?

how do i make a video game with that kind of connectivity? trading and friend battle of sort…?? maybe also updating and loading?

especially loading, what is a loading screen exactly?

GDevelop doesn’t offer this yet.
A prototype should be ready soon, be patient and focus on the other aspects of your game in the meantime.

A loading screen can be a separate scene, or just a layer inside a scene.


ah wait is this about the mmo lan aspect or the connectivity between game? thx

Both. Currently, there is no native multiplayer support in GDevelop as of today. A contributor made peer to peer extension is in the works.

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It has some problems I didn’t see coming so it won’t be merged soon, if you want to test the bugged version contact me

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ah ok… not even LAN?

is there a way to override this?

Yes, but it’d be the same way Arthuro is, by coding your own netcode using Javasript.

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ah ok, thank you very much. have a nice day

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