Consistency for Text BBText and BitmapText objects between actions list and events sheet

In short of it
In list of actions it is called Modify the text
While in events sheet it is called Change the text of

I was just helping some new user on discord i sent him screenshot of my events (he is making dialogue for npc)

And his confusion started when he could not find change the text of action in action list which he seen in events sheet from my screenshot

So it is confusing and i think worth a change from one to another

For BBtext it is
Just “BBCode text” in actions list vs “Change the BBCode text of” in events sheeet

While for BitmapText it is
Just “Text” in actions list vs “Change the text of” in events sheeet

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I would like to add the information that Input Text objects present only “Text” in their actions like you showed for BitmapText:

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Never used that so i didn’t know but if that is the case it should be changed alongside ones i mentioned

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