Console relocation/ debug view

Hi, I think it would be great if the console can be viewed in the scene editor, rather than the debugger tab.

I would also love to use the new debug view, but it causes the game to lag on my phone during lan/wifi preview. I am not sure but I think it’s draws the hitbox on every object in the scene rather than just those visible during preview :clap:.

They should be an option to enable it for layers, that would be great. :+1:

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The debug view is designed to draw all hitboxes of every object that is currently in the scene, although you can toggle it on/off for hidden objects.

Because of the base functionality that it uses in the back end of PixiJS, not sure it can be made specific to layers, but I’ll let the contributors confirm or deny.

I don’t see any performance issues when running not-a-vania with it on two different mobile (one android 10, one android 8) devices, though.

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I have an android 8.1 and the game lags so bad with the debug view enabled, though it doesn’t lag on my pc, I’m thinking it’s a processor issue.