Constantly pop up

How can i make an object pop up continuously from beginning of the scene, like i have image of arrow , constantly doing pop up or blinking

edit: so i found out the solution but bit confused of logic behind this ,
Here in image i cant understand there is no repeat command ,how gdevelop is able to repeat it, as this example is working fine …the sprite is blinking whole time

i mean according to my logic develop should read one time ,and object should blink once but its continuous, How ???

it’s continuous because of the timer. it’s always reset back to zero when finished a cycle and start ticking again.

It’s because you have “At the beginning of the scene” Start timer - so that event just triggers once. Anything with At the beginning of scene is just triggered one time…

But then at the bottom… " If timer greater than 0.6 ---- Reset timer…

So then you create a loop starting the timer, and then resetting it every 0.6 seconds… Because you are not doing “trigger once” on the last line so it will keep repeating indefinitely… or until you stop it later on… The timer is not going back to your first line “At the beginning of the scene”… It is skipping that line and then going to the next line… “If timer is less than 0.3 seconds”… here’s a quick diagram…

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Thanks a lot!!! i actually have used while and for so i cant think of anything repeating until loops used,
if we have used loops that could have been

while timer is reset
do this so we can have 3 conditions here

so basically gdevelop reads everything continuously or just the timers???

basically the whole event sheet is a great loop…

GDevelop isn’t read timers continuously, just when you query the timer’s state.

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Thanks a million i got the point!!!

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