Control another scene with global variable numbers

I have read the threads and did not find a solution
The question is, for example, if I am in the first scene and the number of the global variable is 20, at this moment I want to delete an object in the second scene or level, how can I do that?

You can’t delete the object in the second scene until the second scene has been loaded. You can use the Beginning of scene condition to delete the objects in the second scene before they first get drawn to the screen. The condition gets actioned once, and then that’s it until the scene is reloaded.

I did not mean to delete it exactly, but this was an example. For example, if you wanted to open a new closed level in the menu, using the global variable number, this is what I meant

Like unlocking access to the next level from the main or level selection screen?

yes it is. that what i meant

Here’s a link to a recent post with a solution.

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Thank you very much . …