Converting .exe files for Microsoft

Hi Everyone

I want to publish my app on the Microsoft PlayStore but the extension for the game is .exe and Microsoft only accepts the following extensions (.msix, .msixbundle, .msixupload, .appx, .appxbundle, .appxupload, .xap)

I have tried downloading the Base image but it’s so big (3.2G) that it stops downloading at 99% everytime. I also tried download the Microsoft msix converter tool, but I don’t have the right version of windows - I have OS Build 17134.885).

Is there any other way that you all may know to convert .exe to any of the acceptable extensions) (.msix, .msixbundle, .msixupload, .appx, .appxbundle, .appxupload, .xap)

And what do you think about using pacesuite to convert .exe to .msix?



did you try this ?