Conveyor Belt Platform


I can’t find any information on making a conveyor belt type platform (character lands on it and is moved, automatically, in a direction - if character moves against it after initial step on it stops and if it moves with it it moves faster).

Is this even possible!?

That just require some simple logic. What does a conveyor belt do? When you are on it, it moves you. How can you test if you are on it? There is a condition “if object1 is touching object2”, that would do the job. How can you move the character? You could use a force to add a fluid movement to the sprite. That’s it. If the player touches the coneveyor belt, apply a force on it.

Don’t rely on other people telling you or making a step by step guide, try to think by yourself :wink:

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Thanks for the advice on my first project. I, obviously, know how I want the conveyor belt to respond - I just couldn’t find any literature on anything like it, so didn’t even know if it was feasible.

A nudge in the right direction is helpful. :slight_smile: