Cooldown problem

Can someone help me. I made an skill for my character which is “running” in a limited time.

I made an program but there’s error which is when the skill is activated even tho the time reach it limits it never stop, you need to stop first so that running animation convert into sneaking. Another problem is it didn’t loop, I can only use the skill once

same program pic in case of blurry pic

You aren’t resetting the “runningcooldown” timer, so once it’s over 3 seconds that second cooldown event will continually be executed, and SKILLCDACTIVATIONSTAM gets set to false.

You set RUNNING to 1 in the second to last event, but is it never reset anywhere else.

The two previously detailed issues combine so that the conditions of the very first event are always true, and the animation is always set to “running”.

PS, using the Snipping tool will let you get a crisp screen grab every time.