Copy origin point from another object

Hello! It would be absolutely amazing to be able to copy an origin point from another object, so that in my case for example, I don’t have to constantly be looking at objects with the same resolution to set where points are that I want in the same position.

If you still don’t understand what I mean, it could be right here:
Screenshot (7)
A button that let’s you copy Origin X & Y points from another object, the moment you click it, a list with all the other objects pops up, you choose one and boom, 10 seconds saved, but those 10 seconds happen constantly for me so it could be an hour in total when you’re working on a big project.

Also maybe it’s not related but another button that let’s you set them to the center automatically would be cool, and yeah, I mean for the origin point, thanks!


Why do you need to change the origin point of so many objects? :thinking:
You should look for another approach.
3600/10 = 360 objects

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