Copy-paste Gsheet/Excel columns to Variables or Arrays in Gdevelop [SOLVED]

As a feature in Gdevelop, I really need an easy method to copy-paste excels columns to array variables. I have a list of names in a sheet and want to add it directly as arrays so that I can make a random picker generator for my game but I don’t want to copy-paste each name to each child variable individually; I want to simply copy-paste it and BOOM it’s set.

If there is an easier way to do this or an add-on I can get, let me know! otherwise, please add this feature to Gdevelop :pray:

If you just want a random word then you could leave it in one variable and then use various FindStr() expressions to find a random word by searching for the NewLine() before and after a random number.

Hello @TheFirst0ne
I suggest you to

  • put one variable value
  • close GD
  • create a json backup
  • open the gdevelop json project file and edit it with notepad (or similar).
  • research the variable value
  • copy and paste the values
  • save and close
  • finger cross and open gd again

Search on Google for converting excel data to the JSON format that is accepted by GDevelop. :slight_smile:

It’s been a week since I last checked this and, looking at all the answers, I found a working solution thanks to your suggestions.

  1. I found an online converter that transcripts excel data to JSON (you can just search ‘excel data to the JSON Array format converting’)

  2. Looking at how the format works I made my excel file look like this.
    Screenshot 2022-11-25 151623

  3. Next I saved the excel file and I uploaded it to the online converter. It should look something like this.

  4. Open your Gdev JSON file using notebook or a coding software then find your variable values and copy paste it to replace or add.

  5. Save the JSON file and run it in Gdev. It should work because mine did!

Thanks to those who helped!