Copying an entire project with no events

Is it possible to copy an entire project but with no events. As I am planning to remake an earlier game but really do not want to have to delete all events manually.


There’s probably a way to do it by editing the JSON file manually - just find and delete the Events section…?

I’m not completely sure 100% but you can try to copy the folder of your project, rename it with another name, after edit the json file manually and replace events [] and all it’s content with “events”: [],

I just tried experimenting something and you can do it something like this:

  1. Go to Project Settings and change the project type to Multiple files.

  2. Create a new project in a different location and change its project type to Multiple files as well.
  3. Go to the project folder of the project you want to copy and copy the layout folder (which is probably scenes) and paste it in the new folder where you created the new project.
  4. Do the same thing with your assets and everything. Just don’t copy the main JSON file.

Doing this should work as far as I can tell (since it did when I tried it). I don’t know if this is the most optimal solution but hope that helps.

Just like to say thanks for the replies decided to just delete a few of the events and variables as I found out that most are still perfectly fine as they are.
It was mostly the scoring system that needed overhauling and letting people replay from the level they lost on