Copying Collision Masks?

Is there any way to copy a collision mask and paste it on other animations or sprites? I have a sprite with tons of animations and each one has the same collision mask but it’s very annoying having to put all the coordinates of the collision mask in over and over.

I’m not aware of that it would be possible but it would be really useful. I hope 4ian will consider it now that he is remaking the IDE…

In case set up the collision mask for every and each animation is really unpleasant, you can try two things:
Add all animation as frame and jump between frames instead of animations.
Let say the idle animation would be frame 1-5, the walking animation would be frame 6-16 and the jump animation would be frame 17-27. To change between them you could setup a state machine and change the animation frames based on the state of the object.

If the state of the player is idle and it current animation frame is >= 5 then set animation frame to 1 and play
If the state of the player is walk and the current animation frame is < 6 or >= 16, set animation frame to 6 and play
If the state of the player is jumping and it animation frame is < 17 or >= 27, set animation frame to 17 and play

You can also use an invisible object for collision mask instead of having a collision mask for each and every animation.
You can make an invisible object to move around and collide with things and make the animated object follow the position of the invisible object. This way, you need to set the collision mask for the invisible object only and you can even make as many instances as you want.

Thank you ! Amazing idea. Since my character’s collision mask never changes this makes things so much easier