Cordova Android game error log

Hi GDevelopers,
I’m wondering if it is possible to somehow open an error console on a game exported with Cordova for Android or some logfile that players could send me to help finding bugs when the game is already out in the wild.
In the electron version that gets shipped with the Desktop export you could open the “Developer Tools” and have a look at the console but how about android?
A friend of mine reported issues with my Sakawochi game on her Samsung Galaxy S5 mini that just shows a black screen. Since there are lots of different devices out there I’d need to be able to squash bugs without having access to the actual device.
Do you have any ideas on how to get error logs or how other developers of Cordova Apps handle this?

Hi Wendigo,
I too have had problems with the black screen on the Samsung Galaxy S5.

My solution is to use Cocoon to wrap the project using their Webview+ engine.

It was the only way I could find to get my app to run on the S5.


I have seen another post here on the forum from someone having issues with a Samsung Galaxy 5s mini, maybe it was yours. I tried cocoon with both canvas and canvas+ but the result I got was never playable. All I saw was a rapidly black/white flashing screen on any platform I tried to export it to.

I did find this plugin: … ative-logs
and this:

Never tried them, but they seems to create a logfile that users can submit to you.

Thanks for the links, I’ll see if I can get them to work.

Since you have a phone that has issues with the Android export, have you tested if the issue is GD related or a general problem with Cordova? Maybe you could try to install a whole different Cordova based App that has nothing to do with GD and see if it runs on your device.
If it also fails to run we wouldn’t need to bother 4ian with it.

Hi folks,
here is the previous post I made about the S5

The only cocoon solution that worked for me was webview+ not canvas.

I am not sure what cordova based app to test with.


You can show this report :