Correct size for android

Hi guys just wondering what the correct size is for it to be published on google play and now on desktop ? sorry if a daft question im new to all this

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hello diana258567

scale the game automatically it’s a good idea…height or width ?

And what about the window size ? The default are 800 x 600. Do you suggest to change them ?

And I can I manage the object positions ? I think to not use fixed position but windows relatives.

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thanks diana258567
I would understand what are the correct size to use when I develop a mobile game in full screen mode.

Example: 800x600 seems to be uncorrect: on my smartphone I see a a big frame (a lot of black space around the window).

What is the correct approch ?
What is the correct approch to manage the sprites and text: shall I resize them reading the screen size ?


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There is an action to “De/activate fullscreen” in the Game window drop down. Maybe that’d help?

i use 960x640, then select in the project to scale. Then I select change witdh to fit screen in project properties, maybe thats not good but uses all screen.