Could I do custom pivot points for a 3D cube?

Hello Gdevelop forum!
I have a sprite based character in 3D. I accomplish this by flattening a 3D cube on the Z axis, and displaying his sprites on the front face of the cube. This way, I can move him in 3 dimensions, and have him rotate on 3 axis.

Now, 3D cubes always pivot around the top left corner of their front face. That’s also where their position is. I want my character to pivot around the middle of the sprite, at his feet.
Does someone got a solution?

Also, I know you can specify pivots with a 3D model, but this engine doesn’t support transparency for 3D models, so that wouldn’t work out.

Maybe an update since your post changed things, but as of right now GDevelop does support transparent textures on 3D models.

You don’t have the same ability to swap out textures on GLB models like you can with 3D Boxes though. I’m not well versed in the GLB format, and I’m unsure if it would be possible to animate sprites that like that using textures on GLB models. As long as you keep things simple and make each model a flat plane with only the one texture you could import each frame as a new model and swap them out as needed, though depending on how many frames of animation you’re working with that might be difficult to work with and memory intensive.

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How were you able to get transparency on a GLB model? I’ve tried everything I know I can do, but transparency on textures just becomes solid black.

This has to be handled outside of GDevelop I’m fairly certain.

I’m using Gimp for my 2D art creation and Blender for my modeling and animation purposes. In Gimp I made a one layer image with a transparent background. I exported that as a PNG and imported that into Blender, where I set it to be used as the base color of the material I applied to a flat plane. I changed the image interpolation to closest so it wouldn’t look so blurry, then I went into the texture node for the material and attached the PNG’s Alpha channel output to the Alpha channel input of the Principled BSDF node. Here’s picture of the material setup in the node editor.

That’s how I got it to work anyway. Regardless of how the PNG was made as long as it has an alpha channel/transparency I think this node arrangement will replicate what I got. No idea what settings you would need in other software of course. If you’re using something else look around for alpha channel settings, it should have something to do with those.

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Alright! I use Blender too, so this is very helpful, thank you so much!! : D

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