Countdown to a day [Solved]

Hi! My question is simple: I want to make it to where there is a Day Minute Second counter to a specific day and time, is this possible?

Sure, it’s possible.
All is referenced here: Expressions reference [GDevelop wiki]

Hi! I looked at the wiki link, but I couldn’t find anything on a countdown to a specific time in real life. I also looked at a countdown timer example, but it wasn’t what I was looking for. Is there a solution?

I don’t exactly what you need but if that’s something related to time then you can use Timers.

What do you mean by the countdown to a specific time in real life? Do you mean “Now, the app will count until dawn and do the action I specified” or do you want to get the real-world time (be more specific)?

If you need to carry out correspondence with real time, then you can get the current time. Having received the current real time and having the necessary time (which will be in the future), you subtract the current value from the specified time and get how much time remains until the specified by you (the link to the list of functions is indicated above).

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I have a idea for you, maybe you wanna make it? then use the timer code. Start a timer, and with another trigger and a action, you can change the time to anything you want.

I might be able to help you, just in a minute…

I basically mean when you open the app, a timer will show how many days, hours, minutes, etc, to a time in the future.

I couldnt really find anything for a time in the future, and the “timestamp” thing didn’t explain anything if that’s what i need. I could only find stuff for the current hour or second and stuff like that.

Test solution, it is not optimal, but working. If I’m not mistaken, you need this.

Source: rem_date.json


WOAW… I can probably see why I didn’t figure this out sooner lol. Tbh I actually was trying to make a new years countdown timer haha, thanks so much for helping me with this! My only problem is that my timer does it in a 00:00:00:00 way, but it gets off-centered from the middle of the screen when a digit is lower than 10, and I cant find a way to fix this.

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