Counter of Collected Coins doesn't count correctly(Solved)

Hi, if i collect coins too fast (if coins 2 row top and bottom it happens more commonly i tried duplicating same coin as coin2 to prevent this but problem still exist) it miscalculates collected coin number why it could be happening?

This is how I did it for an older project. I believe I asked the same question and @Silver-Streak was kind enough to help. Basically, if you collide with 2 coins at the same time it will only count as one coin, so you need to count each instance of the coin object. Look at the first line of the event below. The key is the first action with the Count(coin).

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I was just going to link your yarn video where you explain your coin collection system in the beginning lol. What a small world, happy new year.


Thank you @Lucky-j :smiley: Happy new year to you too.

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