Couple of more features required :$

I was trying to study the breakout clone however, it seemed really tough to understand and over that even more tough to implement. :frowning: However gd could be better only if you could add certain things to it. My suggestions are:-

  1. Solid automatism: Construct 2 has such a behavior and is really helpful to be honest. In gd you have to use physics to simulate something like it and its impossible to get the exact same behaviour. This would be one of THE simple features that could increase the scope of games made with gd.
  2. Bullet automatism: The bullet automatism can be another helpful feature. It can be better than using physics for everything because then it would give direct options relating only to bullets and hence make work efficient.

Could you describe more the difference between the solid automatism and the physic obstacle automatism ?

I’ve used Construct for few weeks and Solid is different than physics in that it doesn’t give object physics capabilities, it just makes them solid to other objects with such option enabled (it couldn’t pas even if you changed x/y directly). You can achieve similar results with smart collision detection and Move Away command in GD, but this seemed to be easier. IDK, maybe when I get more used to GD’s codebase, I’ll do such thing.

A physics obstacle should follow the laws of physics in the first place. A solid object need not interact with physics objects at all. Moreover, it does not need to be stationary.