Cowboy Bebop Fangame (2D Ego Shooter, Dating- and Armwrestling Simulation)

Hello everyone, after making my last game “Cuphead - You can’t run away from God”, I had so many more ideas to implement in this Cowboy Bebop fangame, a mix of 2D first-person shooter, dating and arm-wrestling simulation. I’m not sure it’s really playable. My main concern was the atypical dialogue. What do you think of it?


Impressive. Is it possible to see the project ? How it’s made ?
For the dialogue SMS-like it is good even if not original. But clearly nice design

Oh, thank you. In the end, the game looks better than the course of the individual lines of conditions and actions. Good thing I’m not a programmer, otherwise I’d be ashamed of the JSON file. I’m not sure anyone looks through it at all, including me. The project folder of the game with all the nearly 6400 image and sound files has a size of nearly 850 MB, furthermore some images got strange names from me, no idea why. I can share some screenshots of the events/sections you are interested in here. Maybe there is also the possibility to save all event lines as PDF?

Hey. I don’t know for the pdf. I’m new to Gdevelop. But somes screenshots would be great. I’m interested by your shooter mechanics (how you handle the enemies moves ? and the background moving (If I remember correctly the trailer). I’ll try your game ASAP.

I can do that. And, which shooter stage do you want to see exactly? For example, there are two stages where the background automatically moves from left to right.

As you want ! It would be great :slightly_smiling_face:

How the Player move:

How the Player shoot:

How to defeat an Enemy:

MANY THANX !! it seems easy when we see the code :slight_smile: !

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And best of all: for every problem or idea, there is far more than just one possibility for implementation.

The mix of gameplays feels strange, but the art is awesome, as always. :heart_eyes:

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What settings did you use to get the scan lines? I assume you used the CRT effect, but I’m curious what specific values you gave the effect to get that look. Thanks in advance!

I used the CRT effect from GDevelop only for the swipe parts. For the whole game, however, I used a transparent scanlines overlay PNG which I placed on the GUI.

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