Crash when I try to use a tilemap object D:

Whenever I try to use the tilemap object thing GDevelop suddenly crashes…
I think it’s best described in pictures:


I have not the slightest idea on why that happens :confused:

Try to open the image with a image editor (Gimp, Krita, Photoshop, etc.) and export it as png again :slight_smile:

That’s what I did, before I even put the image in GDevelop I edited it a little bit with GIMP I was able to place a few tiles on the first try but after that then it constantly crashes whenever I try to do it again :cry:

Be sure that the size of tiles is not bigger than the texture size : this is already fixe for the next version.
Can you give us your picture ?

Heres the tileset image thing :blush: :

btw, what is texture size?

By texture size, i meant image size. If your image size is 24px * 24px, the tile size needs to be lower (you cant have a tile bigger than the whole image.

Oh, so that was the problem :astonished:, now I made the image a little bit more smaller and now it’s working without any problems :smiley:

I think you misunderstood what I said. The tile size (that you set up in the first window when opening the tilemap editor for the first time) needs to be smaller than your image size.

But it’s working :laughing:

So the tile size was not bigger than the texture itself, right?

I know, but the problem is surely related to the tile size. (Maybe he didn’t set up it like before).

Tilemap crashes for me too, but w/o any error dialog. :confused:
It crashes as soon as I try to open it in the object editor :frowning: