Crazy Games SDK Extension

Hi, I just wondered if anyone has any experience of implementing the Crazy Games SDK Extension into their games? I want to use it in the future and have just been testing it out using the Crazy Games QA Tool. Just as a test I made a scene where
a player object can be collided with another object. As a subevent of the collision, the extension checks that the SDK is ready and that no adblock is detected, before pausing the scene and changing to another scene, where the following events run:

When the ad is finished playing, the events return to the previously paused scene and gameplay continues. This is just a test of the functionality, and it does work perfectly well on the crazy games QA Tool - a test ad is displayed and played, after which the previous scene restarts. But my question is, is this a sufficient set up? Is it possible that an ad could fail to load, and if so the “video ad has finished playing” condition would not be fulfilled, leaving the scene stuck? Or are ad errors dealt with by the extension?