Creat object for each object problem

Hi, BossBat is spitting small bats that circle around a projectile (small black dots in picture) while moving towards the player.
Read a couple of tickets and tried different combinations, in this case only the first projectile has a bat, did another where i wrote “repeat for each instance of proj” but infinity bats showed. i want only 1 bat circling around each projectile please

When you create a projectile, create a bat and link it to the projectile together. Then, when you move the projectile, also move the bat linked to it.

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thanks. like this? nothing changed. still only the first projectile has a bat

Almost. For your second event, make it a “For each proj”, with condition “Take into account all “bat2” linked to proj”.

Also, if you want to avoid your bats all being at the same angle at the same time when they spin around the projectile, get the angle between the projectile and bat2 - using "AngleBetweenPositions(…) - and add TimeDelta()*300 to that.

awesome! worked, thank you so much!

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