Create 2 attack mode of enemy in gdevelop

i try to make a enemy which can use 2 different attack .one is normal attack one is something like ulti.
i would like to let the ulti use by enemy when enemy hp is below 650.Before that i want that the ulti can create out after the ulti animation finish. However i only can do the normal attack so far.Can i have any idea??

uhhh sorry i have no idea what you mean but im gonna refer you to the Example titan souls

in it the boss has different attacks depending on its current hp

and this is to give your character multiple attacks might help

Hi you can take a look here too


it is helpful for my player attack but my question now is enemy attack .however thanks a lot ,it is useful for my player attack

titan soul??can i know what is it??

If the enemy distance to player is below 15 px
change animation of enemy to “attack”
if animation of enemy is “attack” and enemy distance to player is below 15 px
change the variable “health” - 1

Something like this

if you go into g develop click create new project

at the top it says examples click on that then put in the search bar “titan souls demo”

then open the file

ya i get it this is the way i do the normal attack of enemy.Because the enemy is a boss,so i did like to add ulti to the enemy and the condition is enemy use the ulti when it enemyhp less than 650.can i know how to do the ulti attack??

*ahem *ahem
What is this?

something like ultimate attack

Oh!! :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

jus ignore the timer of ulti n ultitime fuz caz i forgot to delete i had use tis code but it happen dat the ulti use from the beggining