Create a child of global array that is an array?

im currently making a logging tool for myself. So far, ive made it so it can create a list from data i have in a global array. i want to be able to add data to the list from within the app. but i dont see how to create a new child thats an array itself to the array from events. Is it a thing?

The data is stored like that.

The list just populates with zeros, I’m assuming because the variable it creates isn’t an array so my data i want to input can’t be added to it.

Adding data

Code for creating the list

Am I blind or can I not just make a child in an array that’s an array?

An array isn’t your best option as the child object - you should look at using a Structure. For one, that way you don’t have to rely on the value’s position to work out what it represents. You can use a name to save and access it (very handy for updating child values)

Thank you for your reply, whats the difference between the two of them? other than being able to name the children. Can a child still have a child and all thats still the same?

Ive been looking a bit and i still cant seem to figure out how to create a child that has children through events

This (sorry, not the best laid out explanation, but I hope you can understand it) :


Will produce an array within an array within an array like this :

Thank you, now comes the fun part, saving all the list data woo-hoo so fun