Create a DressUp game with buttons to navigate?

Please excuse my poor english, if anything is hard to understand just ask and I’ll try to explain in a different way!

I want to create a DressUp game; I was able to create a very simple version, with all clothing being already on the screen, but for characters with tons of clothing this will turn into a horrible mess! So I want to create a version with like… A simple menu where you can go back or forward and show a new category or a new piece of clothing

I have 0 experience with coding so I’m just using what’s already on Gdevelop

My first idea was to simply hide all of them and then use the buttons to show/hide the next ones, but I got completely lost and didn’t achieve anything honestly =(

So, trying to organize my thoughts, I need:

1 - A “menu” to navigate through options like Top, Bottom, Shoes, etc, that changes which items will be displayed bellow
2 - A second “menu” that shows a single piece of draggable clothing at a time, based on what is chosen on the first menu
3 - If dragged, said clothing should not disappear even if I click the buttons to show other pieces

Things I already know how to do:
Add “draggable” to the pieces
Add the option to duplicate them, which I initially only intend to add to Accessories
Add “show/hide” to manipulate itens when clicking a button