Create a local multiplayer game

Hello, how can i create a local screen sharer multiplayer game?

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Is it like a game where you have to go around the level and the camera follows the players or is it just a camera stays in one place game?

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If the camera stays in one place you just leave it there and tell me if u need help with setting up the controls

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But how can i do it?

Simply you just create two objects, then you give them both platform charachter behaviour. Then one one charachter you will go to the platform charachter behaviour s and untick the default controls option. Then at a bit on the above of your game you have scenes. The scene you have gave two objects the platform charachter behaviour you need to find the scene with the same nam me but next to it (code). Click on that and then you click make an event. A rectangle opens up and then click on the left of add conditionThen a tab opens and search bar. Don’t click on anything just type in the search bar key pressed. You will get the code if any key pressed. Click that and chose what button you want. When you are done with that click finish. Next you will see that event popped up on your screen. Then on the right of the event you will see of it add event. Then a tab opens and find your platform charachter with the unticked box default controls. Click on him and then you will have tab like Controls. For now click simulate jump key press. Click done and you finished.

Great! But i want of the screen Is split in two

You can’t do that.
Multibe viewports are not supported.
You would need to do some magic layer trickery to accomplish this.

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Maybe, instead of using built-in camera you could create your own camera movement using events to move objects around. Then, you could have two copies of every object (one for each player’s view) and make every action in the game act on both copies.

If you have a thick enough border between the two views, you can use that to hide tiles/objects that pass behind it using show or hide object.

Doable, but complicated and quite a lot of work. 2-player local hotseat games are a lot of fun with friends though so maybe worth it.

It might be better to try making a simpler game that happens within only one screen first. You could still have the camera move around by setting the camera position to the midpoint between the two players.