Create a simple quiz game


I want to create a game quiz app similar to trivia, Loco, Qureka, IQ Live, HQ Trivia, Zupee, JustPlay or quiz duel.

Is there a tutorial on how to do it? or anyone that has done similar?

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You could have buttons under the question like multiple choice

How can I do that? Sorry I’m very new :sweat_smile:

ill make a example for you

Ok great thank you!

Looking forward to it :slight_smile:

almost done btw i just need to add a how-to play text so you know how to play It

here is the example, I hope it helps, sorry for taking so long normally I’m quicker I guess I need to practice more lol(I haven’t gotten any ideas on what to do because well I’m not good with ideas so I haven’t been doing much game dev :frowning:) Download


that’s a great example

thanks, i did a little polishing to make it better than it would of been its still not good for a game but for a quick example on how to that system it works