Create a Store to purchase items - Crear tienda para comprar objetos

hey there,

I would like to create an internal store in my game, to purchase some items, but I don’t know how to do it.

Any ideas??

Thank u in advance :slight_smile:

En español:


Necesito crear una tienda dentro de mi juego, para que el jugador pueda comprar items, y no tengo idea de como hacerlo.

Alguien que pueda ayudar?

Muchas gracias! :blush:

Hi Belen,
Which part do you need help with?
Give it a try and tell us where you get stuck :slight_smile:

Thanks for reply Gruk.

I would like to make 2 different things:

the first one make a store to purchase items with “fake” money, (the money that you gain in the game), but i don´t even know how to start.
The second one is a store where you can purchase “fake money” with real money, like money packs : Ex: 10000 coins --2.29GBP.

Is it possible?
Thank you!:smiley::smiley:

Hi Belen,
The first one is possible and has already been made (for example, look at: First Game: Become More (Beta) - #24 by StudioGrcar)
You don’t know where to start?

  • Create items (objects) and give them a value (object variable),
  • Make the player gain some money (global variable),
  • Make a shop (new scene), show the items, show their value, and let the players click to buy. :blush:

The second one will be more difficult, you will probably need to learn some javascript basics to do it.


Thank you again! :pray::blush: I’ll try to do it :blush:

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Tell me if you need some help getting the in-game part set up.

I’ll try to walk you through more details :slight_smile:

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