Create a task automation in project

Hi, i am using gdevelop for creating an app (i know the fact that gdevelop is better optimized for games but i will use it anyways)
I am making an automation app to allow users to do simple tasks trought it and with this (like setting volume, turning on w-ifi or other things) but i want to implement the feature to allow user to uninstall apps
How can i do it?
There is an event feature like: when the text field has and the delete button is pressed uninstall the app “Example”
Is it possible?

No, GDevelop cannot natively access any control panel functions, including add/remove application.

You could maybe have it run the uninstall.exe of an app, if you knew the exact location of the file on the user’s PC and built out the path to the app. But there’s a good chance most antivirus applications will stop the command from executing.

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