Create a (topdown) floor scroller?

Hello community,

I’m only guessing how to do this - so appologies!!! I’m still learning. I’ve recently played ‘vampire survivors’ and wish to create same basic scroll mechanics.

  • player remains still in centre of screen.
  • floor movement, scrolls the Tile-mapped floor (creating an endless illusion).

So, I created a tilemap, stretched it out (double my window w/h)
Assigned behaviours -

  • screen wrap
  • TopDownMovement

It works - if the keys are inverted - so W = down. A = UP …etc

Is this the best way to do this?


If it’s a tiled sprite, you can change the X & Y offsets. Here’s an example I posted a while back that covers this. Yell out if you have any other queries

having experimented with this - i now realize, that I should be moving the camera instead of the floor.