Create an object at the position of an object

Hi what i want is to Create 6 “blocks” at the positions of the placeholders. 1 “block” for each placeholder. I tried making one but it doesnt work. Can anyone help me?. Thanks

For each event selecting placeholder lock, and action create object block at position placeholder.X() and placeholder.Y().

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Sorry but what i really want is to create blocks at the position of placeholders At the beginning of the scene. Tried first to place the action at “At the beginning of the scene” but not working. So i tried if it will work with click but still not working. :frowning:

i got it. the place holder is bigger than the block. when the block is created it goes behind the placeholder

the problem left is all of the blocks spawning at only one place holder only

I already told you how to solve the problem with only one spawn

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