Create and select objects in one scene and use them in another scene

My game has two scenes. One main menu scene and one level-scene. I want to create objects in the menu scene that will be used in the level scene.

The objects will be squares with portraits that resemble the units in game.

Say that I want to create a list of 10 unit card objects and I want to select like 3 of them in the main menu. Then when I start the level scene those 3 objects that I selected will be shown there and I am able to interact with them, click them and get their data/variables.

The problem is… I dont know how or what to do to achieve this.

Use a global array variable and put the selected item names or ids into it. Then you’ll be able to access them from other scenes.

Thanks for your answer. Would you like to show me a quick example how it can be done?