Create joints when 2 objects are touching a common object (Physics 2)

I want to make a level editor, and to make joints simpler I decided I would create an object that would automatically weld the objects it’s touching. The problem is the joints don’t get created, even if I make the objects collide with themselves, rather then with the welder object. I think it’s because the objects I’m trying to weld have the same name, how do I make joints for the same objects? How would I make this work with groups, also?

I believe you need to craft an extension to do that, because it allows to says “current instance” (called Object) VS other objects/instances.

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Thanks! The only problem I’m having now is that I can’t use Physics 2 Actions/Functions inside my own Function (other than changing the world time scale). Do you know how I could solve this?

In the extension, you need to add the Physics behavior, likeso:

Each behavior is attached to the object listed above it.

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