Create new function

I’m writing a new function to manage progress bar.
I have two questions for you:

  • In function proprieties there is the Authors field. I can’t insert a free value but I have to choose from a list. How to insert my nickname- In instruction I read:
    Author is your username. An account will have to be registered and a proper username will be needed to be able to add the username. Type the username and pick the username from the drop-down menu
    Register ? Where ?

  • Is it possible to order the visible parameters into the behavior object parameters?

If you want to test it, you can download the file: GitHub - jumpingjh/GDProgressBar: GDevelop Progress Bar Extension


In File>My Profile

No. Instead, you need to use Behaviour’s Properties

Hello @Muzan,
thanks for your help.

I have record my username. Now it’s OK.
About the parameter order I can’t understand:
The parameters are:

1-Progress Bar fill color string. Example: 24;119;211
2-Width of the Progress Bar (pixels) Example: 20
3-Height of the Progress Bar (pixels) Example: 14
4-Progress Bar Radius rectangle
5-Progress bar value (0 to 100)
6-Background color string. Example: 24;119;211
7-Outline size value. Example 10
8-Need Redraw (NOT VISIBLE).

But in the object behaviors the order is different:

I don’t understand.


Yeah. We can’t arrange the Parameters (neither in Behaviour’s Property or the Action/Condition/Expression’s Parameters). I guess it would be cool if we get the feature to arrange the Behaviour’s Property (or is there already a way to do it).

I guess it consider de alphabetical order of the names of properties (BarFillColor, BarWidth etc). Look my example:

When I inverted the names “A” and “B” of the propertys was inverted too on the object behaviors following the alphabetical order.