Create objects from extensión

I want to have the option to create objects from the events on custom objects at any moment.

I’ve been using custom objects to run most of my game to have each “subject” taken care of by it’s own object, I like it because the events only run when their objects exist on the scene, and also feels more organized , it’s already very useful how custom objects can create their childs when ‘on created’, but it would be much more useful for this workflow if the childs could be created at any moment,

for example: if a player character has many transformations, each child can be a different transformation while the main object manages all the events related to it and it’s childs.

Idealy I would like it if object childs were also able to create their own childs and so on, to further expand this method.

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you can create objects…

i checked my reference i made to help me and it looks like you can
that was re usable artwork, i just didnt finish that part yet

havent seen the word “transformation” anywhere on the guide on the site yet
and i read pretty much everything on the guide on the site

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I know it can be confuse, but they meant “create childs of custom objects”. Custom Objects are an entirely separated (and hidden) area in the engine that allows you to make your own object type (I wont go further in details), but currently you cannot create childs of custom objects anywhere other than the lifetime cycle function OnCreated, and that really stops us from creating advanced mechanics within our objects, for example:

In my own experience creating a Context Menu object type, it was one of the hardest things I did in this engine, because I had to create a method that dinamically creates every child of the context menu in one take using the While event-type, since GDevelop unables you from creating the childs anywhere else other than OnCreated.

I don’t know the reasons why they decide to make some things like that, everyday I have to find a workaround on “features” that are coded in the engine, whereas I can do nothing other than suggesting it to change, AND/or try every possible alternative until I can get my way towards what I initially intended to do.

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