Create random enemies from a group

Please help me, I’m going to crazy. I found a lot of post regarding random placement of the same object, instead I need to do the opposite.
In the same place every 10 second I need to create a random enemy chosing it from a group of 1o different enemies.

Some one can post an example or help me?

What I would do is:
Name each enemy the same with a different number at the end:


Add each enemy to the same group.
Every 10 second, create an enemy object from it name and for number at the end use a random number like so:
“enemy” + ToString(Random(10))

This way you can pick a random object from the group and create it.

Here : basically i just named ennemies “1” and “2”. They are randomly picked from “group” by there name.

random (8.85 KB)

Great, it works fine!!!

thanks a lot my friends

Just want to add another option, in case you don’t want to name every enemy as “enemyX”. You can create a structure as:

    0:    "Skeleton"
    1:    "Orc"
    2:    "Witch"

Then you can: generate random number >> access the child from the random number >> create object from name, with the name from the child, as:
Create object named VariableString(Enemies[ToString(Random(2))]) at X;Y

Where VariableString( Enemies[ ToString(Random(2)) ] ) returns a random enemy name.

This way the structure is like a map, maybe a bit overcomplex, but as I said, just want to add another option :slight_smile:

the case become too complex…
I need to be sure that the random function will not generate an enemy currently created in the scene.
Any suggestion?

in some words I need to avoid duplicate enemy if they are still live…

someone can help me?