Create same instance variable for several instances in scene editor

In the scene editor I’ve selected some instances I have on my scene, and so, on the left side, in the properties panel, I have the possibility to modify properties for all these instances in one go.
It works for position, size, layer, z order.

But for instance variable it doesn’t work. If I select a few instances in my scene and then in properties panel create a new instance variable, it actually creates it only for one of my selected instances.

Is that a bug, or is it just not made to work this way?
yet it would be useful to be able to edit instances variables for a bunch of them at once, wouldn’t it?

Hello. Bluzima!

I don’t know if it’s a bug, but I already opened a feature request about it some months ago: Update or Create instance variables of all selected object instances in the Scene Editor

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Hi Rasterisko!
Thanks for your reply. So I know I’m not the only one to encounter this problem.

I didn’t see there were already similar topics. Apologies. I’ll close this one and will post in your topic.

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