Create same Timer for 20 levels

Hi everyone

In my game I have more than 20 levels.
I have one timer but it reset each level.
How can I create the same timer that continues on the all levels without pauses ?
And save the last level timer ?

Thank you

Timers are not meant for measuring time but to delay events within a scene based on rough game-time. They are not very precise, and are affected by the time scale.

If you want to measure how much time a player takes to play through all levels, instead of a timer, you could store a timestamp at the start of the game in a global variable StartTime, then, at the end of the game, compute Time("timestamp") - GlobalVariable(StartTime). This will compute the exact real time difference. Since timestamps are in milliseconds, you can divide it by 1000 to get the time in seconds.



Have you an example of how I can do this steps.
I get confused a bit.
I would like also with this steps to open the timer on the leaderboard.
I will share steps what I did but it’s not working.