Create split screen for 2 players

Just want to have 2 equal screens. One for each player with the other player being either random from online/friend invite or computer player. I will start out by building it with the player versus the ai programmed enemies and then implement the social elements. Just trying to find the right way to initially set up the screens to start and info on any development classes, asset or functions that would help facilitate this. I did see one example but it didn’t talk about how to do it unfortunately.

Any help on where to look would be great. New here and want to build out my first game in the next few months so I will be asking a lot of questions. Hope that’s not a problem.


You could look at the example project below, it shows how to have 4 player split screen.

Using the example, you can make it 2 player.

Thanks but it doesn’t tell how how to do this… just an example with no real direction. This is the split screen reference I was talking about I already found.

The video below goes over that example and explains how it works. I would highly recommend searching on youtube for tutorials.


I saw and watched this and it doesn’t really do what I want. Seems like this just puts the same scene on 4 different screens when I want to create something that has two distinct player experiences on different sides. From what I saw, this would involve prefabs which are currently experimental.

What I was trying to create was one player on one side against another on the other side with their own objects and etc. Wanted to create one player on one scene and another on the other and load them into the same game and interact but that doesn’t seem possible. I will look around more but maybe just change what I want to do for now and create something else.


It does tell you. It has a link to the project so you can see the objects and events.

I looked at the project, it is not what I want to do as per my response above. This just splits one scene into different windows for each player when I want 2 separate scenes/sets of objects,one on each side.

Split screen infers 2 different views of the same scene. Are you after (effectively) 2 different scenes in the same screen?

Thanks for clearing up that as I want split screen 2 different scenes. One player(collection of objects) on one side and the competitor on the other. One players action affects the other side and vice versa.

I found this on a post from 2021 looking to do something similar.

" Two scenes would not do what you’re looking to do.

What you’re looking for is two viewports, which is not currently possible in GDevelop."

What do you mean by one player’s actions affects the other side? Like if player 1 pushes over a tower of blocks, then the blocks tumble into player 2’s play area? Or something like if player 1 collects 10 coins then player 2 has a screen blackout for a second?

And another confusing thing - why split screen if the other player is online?

More like player 1 is trying to push over player 2’s blocks and then player 2 tries to knock down player 1’s. The split screen was to see your blocks and the other players on the same screen split and not just the opponents. To visually see the status of each others blocks per se. Most games just have you see the opponent but I want both to be seen on screen.

If the camera or viewpoint doesn’t change, then you can use the split screen from the link in the earlier post. Have both playing areas in the same scene, just have them far enough part so they don’t encroach on each others viewports.

In 2D the 2 playing areas could be 10,000 pixels apart. In 3D the cameras could be back to back, so their views never cross.

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Okay thanks for the info, I see that gdevelop has external layout where I could make the players and then import them into the scene. Thanks for giving me added information.