Create Sprite Below Same Sprite (Text Message System))

Hi, i want to create a message system (like whatsapp), but i cant figure out how to create a text and then, with other event, create the same text but below the old same text. I know that when i create an object, in the same actions, i can edit its properties, but there is a way to edit them after another condition / event is complete? About the text, it seems like it doesn’t allow to create the same object with its position (print below)

And there is a way to change the name of the created object to refer to it later? (it creates with the same name as the original)

If you know another metheod to create a message system without adding the message to a single text and then removing the first line when it reaches the top of the screen, let me know!


One solution is to use the (scene) variable, where you save the Y position of the next object to be created. Something like this:

About refering the objects: Create the scene variable “ObjectCounter” and add the object variable “ID” to the object. When the object is created, add one to ObjectCounter" and put the value to the object ID:

Now let’s add “Glow” effect to the object. When the object is right-clicked, it is selected and it starts to glow. We need a new scene variable called “SelectedObject”.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!!!