Create wave game?

Hello friends, does anyone know how to create a wave game? For example, round 1 there are 5 opponents. When all 5 of them are dead, round 2 begins and this time there are 10 opponents and so on (ideally the opponent should only spawn to the right and run to the left). Please show me a screenshot from the events

Well, you could use the Pathfinding behavior for the enemies, and use variables for logic like what the current wave is and how many should spawn. Unfortunately, I cannot code a whole wave game to demonstrate, though you might find something on YouTube.

When an opponent is dead, add 1 to the variable Dead Opponents. When this variable is >4, initiate wave 2.
For each wave you can select a random position within boundaries where the opponents spawn.
I wouldnt use Pathfinding, because if you spawn lots of enemies in later stages, it will seriously lag your game.

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