Creating a audio visual equalizer using three.js

Ok this is my 2nd thread on the other issue I have. I want to have a audio equalizer in the game. Now I’m not going to explain the whole game but its going to be great if I can get this to work. So heres what I know so far…

  • Three.js can create audio visuals such as a audio equalizer.
  • However is made for 3d animation/games
    -But piki.js isn’t. And made for 2d games
  • However supposedly it doesn’t work with audio.
  • Both are html5 coding. Which is what I’m coding…
  • I also want the app to get the audio file before the game when the user is prompted to pick one on their device. ( I have no problems with the menu just would like to know how to get the game to fetch this)

Now I fully comprehend GDevelop and the very basics of C++ and C but I cannot code this by hand. Can someone better explain this to me and/or show me a similar application that is going to help me?
Thanks a lot,

My source for three.js and example pieces: … e-visuals/
Also not fully sure if my piki.js info is correct