Creating a gdevelop discord account

how do i create a gdevelop discord account for the first time

To clarify, You don’t create a GDevelop specific discord account.

You create a or account. Then you can join the server on the link on the main site on the “Community” section

how do that this my first time doing anything discord and thankyou

Please go to the sites linked above and follow the links (on the discord site) for creating an account. Keep in mind you should read their user agreement as there are some requirements (some countries not allowed, no one under the age of 13 period, some countries don’t allow under the age of 16, etc).

Then once you have that account created and discord installed or running on the website, go to the site, click the Community link at the top, then click discord.

Beyond that I can’t really give you any more specific guidance.

thanks that should be enough i will try right now