Creating a gif image as effect

Hey guys, hope u are all developing
Actually I need your help with something, pls is it possible to import gif image into gdevelop and use as an effects
If yes, can u guide me through

There’s lots of image editing software you can use to convert your gifs into a useable file format. I use GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation Program - it’s free and open source).

If you have an idea for an effect you want to make, someone might be willing to help you, but we would have to know what your goal is/what you want to accomplish.

I just need a simple destruction effect

Like an explosion? I think you could use an animated sprite to achieve that effect. I’m sure there’s software that can split your gif into individual frames to be animated. You can find some information on animated sprites here: Sprite object [GDevelop wiki]

Thanks av seen
I will try to make it work