Creating a laser pointer gone wrong

Hi. I’m currently making a game in which the player shoots a laser pointer which goes on infinitely until it goes offscreen and it bounces off of mirrors. But, the problem is that can’t make any kind of laser work like that. Like, it doesn’t go infinitely. It just goes as separate bullets. Please someone help!!!

You’re gong to have to give a screen shot of what you mean, and screen snips of the events around shooting the laser.

Like I mean an infinite laser.
I don’t have any screenshots

Its like this.
It cannot contain any spaces.
It has to be infinite

I assume that 's a screen shot of another game you’re using as an example. You’re going to have to find a way to make a screen shot to help understand what’s happening. Or take a video of your laser in action. But merely describing it in words makes it very difficult to figure out what’s going on.

Like this. A laser pointer.
The laser goes on infinitely

Bro please respond. I need help badly

Please realise forum members are in different time zones, so give it time for responses.

By providing a screen shot of the events we can get a better idea of what you’ve done and maybe offer a solution. We don’t know if you are using a sprite, a tiled sprite, a shape painter or some other method.

The reason for asking for a screen capture of the game in action is so we can see what you’re experiencing. We all know what a laser looks like, but we have no idea how you’ve implemented your version of it.

You can replicate something like a laser by drawing a thick line using the shape painter object and apply some glow effect on the line.