Creating a slow effect

Hey, I’ve been trying to create a slow effect on a moving object, that is moving only in one direction. I applied a negative force to it, but if the object is initially moving too slow, when it gets slowed even further by this slow debuff, it starts moving backwards. I tried adding a condition that prevents it from going under a certain speed, but that also only affects the net speed rather than the directional speed.

What conditions could I add that would prevent it from going backwards? Thanks!

have you considered time scale? or should it affect just 1 object, while the rest goes normal?

if you have just 1 object or multible objects in different speeds to be affected, i suggest you set the force to force*multiplier and have the multiplier default to 1. on slowdownevents you change the multiplier value to 0.5 (half speed) or 0.1 (10th speed) ect.

Edit: the force multiplier should be an object variable to only affect itself.

Ah I see, that would work as well. That’s actually a good idea to just make it condition based. Thanks. Will report back.

i was actually thinking of action based :slight_smile:
conditions only to pick your object to slow it down.
something like this: