Creating a "snake", ragdoll-ish player character

Hello. New to GDevelop, and was wondering if this was possible. So, the main idea is- there’s the player joint, the main one, the front segment of the body, which is the controlled one. Where comes up a first question: is it possible to make one move like a usual platformer body, yet stay in place when all movement keys are released and go downwards when the “down” key is pressed?
The second one: the idea also consisted of sticking together bodies that would have (nearly or) zero gravity and, on their own, wouldn’t move. Instead, they’d follow the segment in front of them, which are eventually linked to the main, controlled one. A snake or a chain of sorts.
Would that be possible?

I suggest you to start studing the join examples:


Oh, i missed that, i guess. Is this something that pops up when starting GDevelop?

When you start GD, “select create a new project” and click on example.

In view of your question, I guess you haven’t used GD in a long time. I suggest you, before work with joins projects, to read the sart documentation and try to follow the proposed projects; they are useful to understand the logic of GD. They are quite simple but also fun.