Creating an object and making it follow another object

Hello, I am making a platform / shooting game, and I would like that when the enemy was hit by bullets, a “damage indication” would appear on him (like a small blowout). But this little blowout would not be part of the enemy’s animations, it would be an object that would be created when the enemy was hit, in the same position he is in. I can already create the object, but when the enemy moves, the object remains static, and I wanted this object to follow the enemy, but I still haven’t succeeded. I tried to use the “change the position” action on the object but it didn’t work.

Can someone help me?

To do that. you can link two objects then
froeach enemy check with take into account blowout object then
if enemy moves move the object linked too with Change the positionXY of blowout to enemy positionXY
Right now i can’t show you event but when I reach my PC, i will show you some of the events to achieve this.

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Thanks, but I didn’t fully understand, could you show me an example, when you can?

Thanks again for your help!

Did you try the “put around” function? Just create the object, then put it around the enemy.

Another option would be to add a force towards the target object, but at the same or less speed than it is moving to avoid it surpassing it and coming back.

WOW! the “put around” worked perfectly!

Many Thanks!!

You’re welcome amigo

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