Creating an object on all instances of another object

so im trying to make a top down game and im making a gasBottle item that you can pickup, and in order to make it pick upable i need to make a seperate object for the collisions, now instead of having to place the collision object on each instance of the gasbottle i want to just have to place the bottles and use the at the begging of the scene event to create the collision object on all the instances of the gasbottle.

Use condition - at beginning of scene

Then use the + button on the top right to make a ‘for each object’ condition and select your gas bottle.

Then use action, select your collision object, and use action create object at each position which will be object.X() , and object.Y() (obviously replace object bottle with your object name).

Hope this hopes and welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

Why? What’s stopping you from using the gasBottle object’s collision mask?