Creating avatars

Please let us upload an user avatar on without Gravatar.

As far as I am understand with my research in the forum: to change the avater on requires Gravatar.

It is a bit unfortunate that we can upload a big 1920x1080 px picture for each potential game on, but it is not possible to upload a small picture for an avatar.

I looked at my default avatar on it is just 40x40 px ‘tall’.

Such a small picture would not take much space in the end (if that should be the issue), especially if game thumbnail sizes would/could be decreased to 1280x720 px.

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What’s wrong with gravatar? It allows to set your avatar once for many websites at once, and takes the burden of implementing all the systems behind it (which are not that trivial) off of the team

This sounds that it is probably very difficult to implement?

I got that idea while I was browsing through and most of the creators have a default avatar.

Well, at least we can have custom pictures in the GDevelop forum, yeah. :partying_face:

Yeah, the forum software we use comes with this feature, but adding it to GDevelop would take some effort…